Custom Golf Bags

Build a unique custom golf bag of your choice with colours, logos and/or text. Total customisation available. Design & buy online using our Golf Bag Designer web app or call us on +44 (0) 3333 582044. To start the online ordering process, select the custom bag of your choice below.
For some design inspiration take a look at our Bespoke Golf Bags Showcase.

Build your own bag with our online Golf Bag Designer web app. Select size/style of bag to start:

About our Custom Golf Bags Design & Buy Process

The specialist BagLab design team can develop bespoke golf bags for your team, corporate event, company representative, tour player, leaving present for a valued work colleague or just for yourself!

Each golf bag design will be finalised in-house after receiving your order or discussing your requirements with you. Our team will ensure your requests are carried out in their entirety. From tour bag, cart bag or stand bag, fabric choices and colours, logo designs and embroidery - we have everything covered.

Every custom bag is hand-made to order, we do not use a stock bag and simply logo it. We have no minimum order quantity. You can choose the colour of every panel and the positioning of every logo or embroidery. There are absolutely no limits.

Fabrics from nylons to PVC and PU leather in a huge selection of colours are available and our bag design and build process ensures each bag will surpass expectations.

First of all - select the bag of your choice. Every section of your bag can be a different colour - select desired colours using the bag section options on the right hand side of the page on a desktop computer (our Custom Bag Builder is also available on mobile but is best enjoyed on a larger screen). Once you have selected colours, the relevant sections will change automatically to enable you to preview your bag. Try numerous colour variations to find the right custom bag design to suit you. You can also add logos to your bag; we would recommend adding these to the larger sections of the bag but you can customise as you wish.

Once your are happy with your design, choose your delivery option and checkout.
The design process takes just a couple of days and we can have your finished bag(s) produced within 15 days of approval (Super Express delivery option). Standard despatch is 45 days from design finalisation. It has never been easier to customise your own golf bag.

Fabrics from nylons to PVC and PU leather in a huge selection of colours are available. Choose from a range of colour options - our design tool shows only a select few, if you require specific colours just let us know and we can match it for you.


  1. Choose your desired model of golf bag
  2. Use our Custom Bag Builder to design your unique bag with colours & logos. Choose despatch option then checkout.
  3. We will get back to you with drawings within 3 working days
  4. Your bag will be despatched within the delivery time specified at checkout (Super Express: 15 days / Express: 30 days / Standard: 45 days)
  5. Images of your completed custom bag will be sent before delivery
  6. You will receive your Golf Bag
  7. All of our bags come complete with a one year warranty